Hey Everyone!

Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Good night! Hello! Hi!

I’m excited, can you tell? So I’m sure most of you already know me from the bookish side of my social media presence. But I wanted to reintroduce myself for anyone new and anyone who may be joining me since my change to a more lifestyle based blog.

I’m Amanda. I’m a 24 year old that is just trying to live her best life. I have a 4 year old son who will be featured often and is my world and my everything.

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I’m married, but I don’t know how much that’s really going to be discussed.

Something that will be talked about as often as I can is the fact that I’m vegan. I have been vegan for a year and a handful of months now and I haven’t looked back. Okay, that’s kind of a lie. I’ll get into that in a specifically vegan post, though.

Also, my type A personality is going to be drawn upon A LOT. I try my hardest to be organized, but I know that 90% of the time, I’m a failure at it. Actually, one of the first posts I’m going to be making is about block scheduling and how I failed at it. Okay, not exactly failed, but I realized it’s not for me.

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After all of this is said, I’m not perfect and I don’t have my life together. Honestly, it’s actually quite the opposite. But I have so many thoughts and things I feel like I need to share because I don’t see it often.

One of the main things I’m going to be focusing on for a while is scheduling. I work such a weird shift and add that into my family schedule and you have a unique and strange family dynamic.

I work Sunday through Thursday from 10pm to 7am. My husband works the same hours, but right now he’s working Monday through Friday. We have a 4 year old that we don’t have in daycare or preschool right now. Life is hard.

I see a lot of schedules of nurses, but not everyone that works a night shift is a nurse. So I’m hoping to share my perspective as a night worker, mom, and all the other crap I do.

I have posts planned out for the remainder of the month and I think you all will be very interested in the topics. We discuss distancing friendships and the mass shootings and how that affects me as someone who works a retail job with a high level of anxiety.

I’m looking forward to getting into these posts with all of you and I hope you look forward to them as well.

Let me know anything you would all like to see and make sure you check out my YouTube Channel.

Thank you so much,

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