Getting My Life Back Together

Good morning all! I suck, I know. I’m sorry. I meant to post something these past few weeks, but it’s been a rough time.

I was going to post something within the last week of August, but after looking at the first post I wanted going up in September, I figured “what better way to reset everything?”

So here we are, discussing how I plan on getting my life back together.

I’ve been a mess over the summer. I will get more into what lead to this in a future post, but there was a lot going on in my life both physically and mentally. But that’s all mostly passed (there’s still something I’ve been dealing with that is still ongoing, but overall the huge “problem” has passed), so it’s September and I’m ready for a reset!

I’m hoping that something else falls into place, but that’s out of my control at this point.


GYST is a term that I first heard from Kalyn Nicholson. It stands for Get Your Sh*t Together.

She usually uses Sundays to GYST and that’s when she resets everything and gets ready for the coming week. Cleaning, planning, working, and self care. Those are the main things that she focuses on.

I couldn’t find any videos strictly getting into her GYSTing, but this motivated me so much. Watching cleaning videos always motivates me to clean.
How am I personally going to incorporate this?

I broke this all down over the course of the week. This is the first week of my new classes, so the perfect time for me to come up with a new schedule that works for me. If you would like a post about my schooling and what I’m majoring in and hope to do after I graduate, let me know in the comments.

I have a problem with getting behind in class, so I’m going to be trying to keep up with everything. And when I say behind, I don’t mean that I’m actually behind. My stuff is turned in by the due date, but I cut it close. And I’m sick of it.

Here’s the general plan that I have:

-Monday-Friday: School Work (Weekends off/catch up time)
-Everday: Dishes and 15 mins cleaning intervals (as breaks from “work”)
Work: Instead of scheduling down to the detail when to do each step with my blog posts and youtube videos, I’m going to just write the tasks that go into creating each on the day I want it to go up and check them off as they get done
self care: Everyday. No ifs ands, or buts. I will be focusing on getting my health back on track by not eating so much junk food, cutting back on caffeine, bringing my lunch instead of buying, and working out (especially yoga again)


Another step in all of this is getting back on a routine. I know my body and I know what makes it work best. So, going along with this, I’m going to start with a sleep schedule and along with that will be a morning and night routine.

It’s hard with my son because I don’t have him most nights. The schedule his grandma has with him is different than the one I have with him on the weekends.

So morning routines (which will be my afternoon routines) will be my main focus with him.

Since I work overnights (10pm to 7am), it’s hard to get into a routine. But I’ve been doing it for 5 years. It’s about time to figure this crap out.

Morning Routine *Tentative* (Which is actually my night routine from approx 8pm to 10pm when I clock in)

8PM: Wake up, Drink Water, Check Phone (I know, bad but let’s be real here.)
8:15PM: Get up and Shower (if didn’t before bed)
8:30PM: Get Ready For Work
8:45PM-9PM: Leave For Work
9PM-10PM: Read and Eat Before Work

Night Routine *TentativE* (Actually afternoon/evening from approx 2-3pm)

After getting home from work in the morning, I will spend most of that time working and spending time with my munchkin man. If I try to go to sleep any later than 2 or 3, then I won’t be able to fall asleep. I’m going to start this at 2pm, but depending on how it goes, I may push it back to 1pm so I am in bed by 2pm.

2pm: Put down all electronics, start reading physical book
2:15pm: Wash Face, Brush Teeth, Shower if Alex is napping
2:30pm: Get everything ready for work
2:45pm: Wake Hubs, Get in bed, Read physical book
3pm: Go to sleep

So those are the two main things I want to focus on in September to get my life back together. I want to get into a routine and GYST. The main things I want to focus on GYSTing are my work, school, and cleaning. I need to start decluttering and the first step in that is going to be basic cleaning.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you want to join me in GYSTing and creating routines, feel free to message me on Instagram. I can always create a little group of people who are just trying to get their lives back together after the summer.

Let’s all live our best lives. We are all capable of doing so.

I look forward to speaking with you all in the comments and in future posts!


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