I Suck, I Know. But Here’s Another Update

Changes are coming. Big changes.

I’ve been spending the last 6 or so weeks working on a website for my “authorial image,” if that’s even a thing. It’s a website where I’ll share the books I’m writing and (if I ever finish one) have written. I will keep people updated there on how my writing is going and any progress that I’ve made. As of right now, none.

I am telling you all this because that’s why changes are coming. I’m going to changing things up A LOT. As most of you know, this. blog has been switched over to lifestyle posts. I’ve barely been posting, but that’s going to change. And where they are posted is going to change.

I didn’t like the fact that I had my lifestyle posts under my bookish name. So with the creation of my website, I started a new blog to go along with it that is under my real name.

Over the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about how this is going to be used outside of this course. I think I’ve figured that out.

So I’m going to try to break it down simply, but overall just know that changes are coming and I won’t be posting again until November.

Until then find me on my Instagram where I will be continuing to post daily. Click here to go to that.

So, what are all these changes I mentioned?

I will have a main website. You will go there for any author related information, like books I’ve written, books I’m currently working on, or where I am in those books I’m currently working on.

At the top of the main website, which is under my real name as I do hope to become a published author one of these days, there will be a few tabs to lead you around the website. But the two main focuses for this post are going to be the book blog tab and the lifestyle blog tab.

The book blog tab will lead to back to this blog. Clicking that main tab will bring you to the home page of this blog, under the A Court of Books and Love name. Or hover over it and you can choose a specific location like reviews, cover reveals release blitz, lists, TBRs, wrap ups, etc.

The lifestyle blog tab will be the same way, but under my real name. And, obviously, instead of book related locations, it will be life stuff like being a mom, veganism, infertility, etc.

That is the main breakdown of how this is going to go. but it’ll be much easier to figure out once I get it all setup and ready to go.

But all of this being said, I do hope you all stick around and join me on both blogs. I won’t be posting videos on YouTube anymore, because, well, YouTube is screwing small creators over. It’s not worth the time and effort right now. But that doesn’t mean I won’t post videos. I will just post them on IGTV on Instagram instead.

Thank you all for joining me and please let me know any lifestyle or bookish posts you would like to see come November!

What would you like me to talk about? It can be literally anything, just comment down below.

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