Comparing Book Covers

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and it continues through to the end.

I am currently writing this before I head into work (which I don’t normally work Fridays but I picked them up this month for the holidays.

So because of this and my schedule being all sorts of messed up, I’ve been kind of off with posting. I’m sure you’ve noticed. But I’m back, trying to get back on track. So here’s an easy post where I compare different covers and you can vote for your favorites!

Some will be US vs UK, some movie adaptations vs normal, some collectors editions vs normal. We’ll see!

So, I decided to make this super easy for me and just looked through some young adult bestsellers! If they had other covers available on Book Depository, they are here.

Each US/normal cover will be linked to my Amazon Associates link. I will make a small portion of the proceeds, but it won’t cost you anything over what you’d pay normally.

This one

This one

Definitely this one!

This one. The font is 😍

Honestly, this one.
Then this one

Let me know in the comments which one of each cover you prefer. I don’t really have a reason for choosing the ones I did, but I like them the most. Of course I don’t think I own any of these editions, but I did find some more of The Outsiders that I need.

I’ll see you all in the next post. Remember you’re worthy of respect and love.

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