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Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I’m going to share today my spread for next week.

I listed this as a plan with me because I’m showing the steps I took to get to where I ended up and explaining some things and why I did things a certain way.

I’m also going to include a playlist for you to listen to while you read this post and/or plan your week yourself!

So, let’s just get right into this!

So, I use a Happy Planner and my Apple Calendar mainly with my planning. I usually list everything in my HP and then I proceed to put my blog post ideas in my Apple Calendar. I am going to be adding in my Instagram posts and videos as well.

Self promo here, but if you want to see my most recent video, click here. I plan to start posting every Tuesday and Friday on my Youtube. I plan to continue posting daily here and daily on Instagram.

So, I used washi tape, Happy Planner stickers, and some stencils. I made myself a nice cup of cold brew Coffee Over Cardio coffee and sat down to start doing this. So crank up this playlist and let’s get into this!

I tend to color code all of my stuff. I broke the top and bottom rows of boxes into two groups. I made the top about halfway and the bottom was for 1/3 to 2/3. I use the top for blog, Instagram, and YouTube plans; the middle is for school; and the bottom is for reading stuff and household stuff if I end up putting it in here.

The washi tape is for BibliophilePrints! Make sure you check out yesterday’s post to get all the info on BibliophilePrints! Click here.

I added a habit tracker to the side. I used a stencil to make the rectangle and should have used stencils to make the circles because those are a hot mess. I’m working on it!

My classes are broken into 8 weeks. I specified 1 more week to go because after I finish that week, I’ll have my bachelor’s degree!

I started to break down what blog posts, photos, and videos I wanted to post each day throughout the week. I ended up doing the first picture then having dinner then coming back to it. So I didn’t get very far into it and I was already running low on coffee!

But the top portion of the rectangle is what is being posted. The bottom half is what I need to do each day to stay on track with it.

If you haven’t noticed, I am still fairly new to planning. I’m hoping that I’ll stick with it this time and actually do a good job and make them more aesthetically pleasing. My handwriting is HORRENDOUS!

So moving on, I finished planning out the social media stuff and the school stuff! I messed up a the top where it has the “reminder” sticker. I tried a couple different things and that’s why I ended up adding in some stickers already.

Answer in the comments whether you add stickers before or after you write everything in!

It’s finals week for my class (week 7 is finals and week 8 is wrap up of the classes). So I have to rewatch the movie I’m discussing for my final for one class and then I have a lot of editing stuff that I need to get done.

I haven’t fully planned out my photos yet. I have to figure out what I have waiting to be posted and I’ll probably take more photos Monday morning.

And we have an empty cup of coffee and I “final” set up before going into the week! I didn’t know what kind of reading I’d get done this weekend (I did this on Saturday) so I didn’t want to add anything else in the bottom. I’ll probably update that day to day with my goals and how I did.

I added the sticker on Saturday and Sunday that says “plan your dreams” for anything I think of this week to add to next week like video or blog post ideas. Aka that was completely blank and I didn’t know what else to add.

Now that it’s Sunday at (almost) midnight, I’m going to update my reading goals for Monday and where I’m at for followers on each platform. While I’m not obsessing over numbers, I like to see how I’ve grown. I love looking back at where I was a year ago or even 3 months ago. I’ve grown tremendously! It’s unimaginable and I’m so grateful to each and every one of you!

But that’s it! I really don’t have anything else to say. If you’re seeing this post, then you know what I plan on posting this week and I hope you all are looking forward to it! If you have any ideas for next week, let me know!

Thanks so much for joining me. Stay happy and healthy and I’ll see you all in the next one! See you soon!

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