Favorite Reads of the Year So Far | 5 to 1 Friday

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! You know, that doesn’t hold the same value as it used to. But it’s Friday!

I decided I wanted to bring back 5 to 1 Friday. It’s a series I had started with a friend of mine, but we just kind of stopped doing it. I wanted to bring it back so here we are!

I will be sharing the prompts for all of May as well! Feel free to join in! Remember that not all of these will necessarily be book related. So, let’s get into this.

To start things out, let’s talk about the prompts for May! Feel free to join in and tag me!

May 1st: TV Shows You Want to Binge
May 8th: Characters You’d Love to Hang Out With
May 15th: Songs on Repeat
May 22nd: Favorite First Lines/Openings
May 29th: Morally Grey Characters

So I am going to be talking about the books I finished before April. Nothing during April to keep this as a kind of quarter 1 favorites post. Each photo will be linked to my full review on my Instagram.

5. The Best Man Problem by Mariah Ankenman

4. Queen of Nothing by HOlly Black

3. Female of the Species by Mindy MCGinnis

2. Well Met by Jen DeLuca

1. The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller

You can check out my video where I go more in detail about these books!

Thank you all so much for joining me both here and on YouTube. I hope you all enjoyed.

I’ll see you all tomorrow with another post!

6 thoughts on “Favorite Reads of the Year So Far | 5 to 1 Friday”

    1. I started listening to it on a Sunday (the day I normally focus on doing school work) and only planned on starting it. Maybe max an hour listening. Then I just couldn’t stop. It wasn’t even an active “I can’t stop this.” I just kept going without even realizing it, if that makes sense. Then suddenly I was done… And I didn’t know how to feel. I loved it.


    1. I would recommend checking out The Best Friend Problem first! It’s the first book in this “series” and is about a woman who decides that she’s going to get. artificially inseminated to become pregnant since she doesn’t have a man in her life to make a baby with. With all the talk of babies and insemination, she ends up sleeping with her best friend. Surprise! She ended up pregnant!

      It’s really good and was my first Mariah Ankenman. I loved it!

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