Weekly Update | May 10, 2020

Welcome back everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting these past few days. I got really behind in life in general so I decided to take a break from posting. But I’m back today and using this fun Sunday to get ahead in the week. So be ready for posts every day this week. I’m determined to get back into it.

Anyway, let’s get into my weekly update where I’ll tell you about my reading/watching from this past week along with my goals for next week.

Before we start, don’t forget to comment on this post with any books you read this past week or want to read next week.

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Okay! That’s it for self-promos, let’s get into what you all really care about.

TV Shows Watched

I’ve spent most of this week not doing much, that includes not watching TV shows. But I did continue further in the new Fruits Basket. As of writing this post (3pm), I haven’t finished season 1 yet, but I plan on finishing it today for tomorrow’s post which will be a review of it.

Books Read

Only two things to really talk about: TV shows and books I read. Except, I didn’t really finish anything soooo…

I did end up finishing this book this week. I started it last week, but I wanted to make sure I got it done before Tome Topple started.

Click on the photo to check out my review for this book!

I started and made progress in King of Scars. While I’m not remotely close to where I was hoping to be, I still made decent progress. I’m currently 108 pages into it. I’m hoping to make more progress before the day is over, though.

I started Renegades yesterday and made a bit more progress today. I plan on making more progress today while I work on the diamond painting shown in the King of Scars photo. I wanted to have that done for Mother’s Day for my grandma (and one for my mom), but I haven’t been listening to audiobooks as much this past week so I haven’t really had the chance to work on them. But between Renegades and watching Fruits Basket, I plan on making progress on it.

I also made progress through this one! I am currently 28% through this one and hope to make progress if not finish it today. This is one I’ve been working on for way too long now and I just want to be done with it. It’s not that it’s bad, but I just can’t seem to get into it really.

Now let’s get into what I would like to work on this coming week.

Like I said before, I would like to finish season one of Fruits Basket and finish Cowboy For Hire today, so I’m counting that for this week’s plans still, not this coming week.

TV Shows To Watch

Of course, I want to start watching season 2 of Fruits Basket. It’s not dubbed and I don’t know if the Japanese version is still coming out, but I want to at least catch up to where they are.

I would also like to watch season 2 of My Hero Academia. If I can watch more, that’d be great, but I am planning on only watching season 2.

Webtoons To Finish/Catch Up On

For this, I want to finish Mage & Demon Queen which I’ve been working on for way too long now and then hopefully read one called Age Matters which is a romance between a 30 year old hopeless romantic and a billionaire (or so I’m thinking). I believe this is an older female/younger male romance and I’m really interested in it.

Movies To Watch

If you all didn’t see, I did a blog post the other day about romance movies I’d like to watch. I’m making my way through those gradually and I didn’t mention the one I’ve already watched here because I’m doing a wrap up for them all as I watch through them. Then I’ll post it when I finish them all.

So feel free to check out that post and let me know which ones I should prioritize. I’d like to watch 2-3 more of them this week, if not more.

Books To Read

So, obviously I want to finish reading King of Scars and Renegades but here are the rest of the books I plan on reading. As you probably know, I’m participating in Tome Topple. So I have a lot of large books on my TBR this week. But I have a couple smaller ones to try to break up the heft of the larger ones.

This is one that I plan on listening to the audio for as well as following along in the physical book. It’s going to be really different for me, but I’m really interested in seeing how it changes my experience.

Another audiobook I’d like to make my way through. I’ll probably follow in the book every once in a while because I know this is told with documents and stuff, but I’m mainly going to be listening to it.

I want to get through this ebook before I get into the second book in this series (even though I believe they can be read as standalones).

And this is the sequel to Just One of the Groomsmen. I read one of Cindi Madsen’s other books that came out this year at the beginning of the month and I really enjoyed it. I’m really excited to read more from this author.

And that’s everything I have planned currently. I’m sure I’ll probably end up changing a lot of this, but that’s okay. For now, this is it!

Thanks so much for joining me and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to comment below with what books you want to read next week.

I’ll see you all in the next one, but until then, let’s chat in the comments!

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