Double Romance Review: Always a Bridesmaid by Cindi Madsen & Wrong Bed, Right Brother by Rebecca Brooks

Good morning everyone! Today I’m coming to you with a Fiction Friday and that means it’s time for a double book review! All reviews are spoiler-free.

Today’s books are: Always the Bridesmaid by Cindi Madsen and Wrong Bed, Right Brother by Rebecca Brooks.

I decided to put these two books together in a review, despite how different they are, because they are backlist ARCs that I received from Entangled Publishing. They are both romance, though two completely different types.

I will be reviewing them separately in below, but since I’m trying to catch up on ARCs, I’m combining some reviews into one post that way I can actually post reviews on here for the ARCs I’ve gotten.

The first book’s “order now” link is through BookShop and my local bookstore, Golden Bee Bookshop. The second is through Amazon because I couldn’t find it on BookShop, though the first three books in that series are on there.

Let’s get right into this starting with Always a Bridesmaid by Cindi Madsen.


Always A Bridesmaid by Cindi Madsen

Cover for Always a Bridesmaid with coffee, plant, and line of book pages
I received a copy of this book to read and review from Entangled Publishing. All thoughts are my own true feelings.

Always a Bridesmaid is an adult romance novel and the second book in the Getting Hitched in Dixie series. Though it can be read as a standalone, the couple from the first book is a focus of this book. There is sexual content in this book, so be weary if that’s something you don’t want to read.

After finding her boyfriend of many years cheating on her, Violet swears off men, despite her love of weddings and the annoyingly handsome firefighter who is making her feel things she doesn’t want to feel. Plus he has puppies.

That was a very brief description of this book, but I want to try to keep these review synopsis short and sweet for you all. I tried writing a longer one and it just seemed too long to make much of a difference than just using the synopsis provided. Anyway…

My first Thoughts

“The ironic thing about whenever Violet Abrams entered Uncertainty, Alabama, was how uncertain she felt about being there.”

-Opening line of Always a Bridesmaid

Before getting into this book, I decided to read Just One of the Groomsmen and Country Hearts, both by Cindi Madsen, and I absolutely loved both of them. So I went into this book knowing that I was going to enjoy it. The characters of this series are just hilarious and this author just knows how to create two characters who were, well, made for each other. So as I started reading this, I was definitely enjoying it and I figured that was going to continue through the whole book.

My Final Thoughts

“Give him a fire to fight, a lost hiker to find, or a destructive force to contend with, and he’d jump right in, no fear. But wedding to-do lists filled with line upon line of gibberish? Well, he was about to cry for his mommy.”

Like I said in my first thoughts, this book has me laughing out loud. The banter between these two characters was just hilarious. The thing about romance is that the plot is usually the same for all of them. If you’ve read romance, you likely know this. So when it comes to romance novels, the characters and their interactions need to stand out.

Cindi Madsen did that. She created Violet and Ford for each other and made them realistic. I was rooting for these two the minute they met and continued to as they faced the struggles in their relationship as it grew despite neither of them wanting to be in one.

The writing was easy to read in the sense that it flowed very nicely together. It’s told in both POVs and it feels like we’re looking through one person’s eyes at the right times. We’re seeing both sides of the story so that we can understand why each of them are acting the way that they are.

I Think You Would Like This If…

You’re looking for a fun romance that will make you laugh out loud. And puppies. Ford is spending the book training puppies to become search and rescue dogs. Can’t go wrong with puppies.

I also would recommend reading Just One of the Groomsmen first because that one is also funny and enjoyable. Worth the read, for me.


Wrong Bed, Right Brother by Rebecca Brooks

Cover of Wrong Bed, Right Brother with coffee, plant, and row of book pages
I got a copy of this book to read and review from Entangled Publishing. All thoughts are my own true thoughts.

Wrong Bed, Right Brother is an adult romance with very graphic sex scenes. This is the fourth book in the Accidental Love series. I have not read the first three books in this series, though. This can be read as a standalone.

Amanda was determined to finally make a move on her longtime crush while they were staying at an airbnb with some friends. Except when she crawls into his bed in the middle of the night, she quickly finds out it’s not him in his bed, but his twin brother, who she definitely DOES NOT like. But not until after a way too nice makeout session that almost went further.

My First Thoughts

I didn’t really know what to expect going into this book, but I definitely got more than I expected. I can’t really say I had too many “first thoughts” since I read over half of it in one sitting. I couldn’t put this book down when I started it. The enemies-to-lovers in this book just sucked me in and didn’t let me go.

And the sexy time from the beginning was just spot on for me. I don’t know if it’s hormones or what, but this book just worked for me.

My final Thoughts

So, I really enjoyed this book. It was a super quick read and I enjoyed it the whole time. Just like the last book, the characters really just did it for me. I really liked them together.

The problem I had was with the plot/storyline. There was just something about it that I didn’t sit well with me. The romance was good and the characters were good. But them getting to that point was just not my favorite.

I would have appreciated more depth with the story and romance. But for a fun quick romance, it definitely worked for me.

I Think You’d Like This If…

You’re really looking for a mindless sexy romance. You’re likely going to get through this one quickly so it’s a good one to work on those yearly goals as well!


And that’s going to be it everyone! Overall, I gave Always a Bridesmaid five stars and Wrong Bed, Right Brother four stars. I really enjoyed both and do recommend both of them for different reasons.

I hope that you get the chance to read either of them soon. Make sure to come back and let me know what you thought or let me know now if you’ve read either of them already!

Thank you all so much for joining me. I’ll have another double review coming up soon, but I don’t want to make these too common because I’m sure they will get annoying to you all. Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read these reviews.

Let me know what you thought of my formatting of these reviews! (Sorry the second book didn’t have any quotes. I didn’t really save any and I realized too late that I didn’t!)

I’ll see you all very soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

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