September Wrap Up | 2020

Good evening everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be talking about all of the books that I finished in the month of September. While September wasn’t my best reading month this year, it also wasn’t my worst. I’m finally getting back into reading more and I’m absolutely loving it!

Sorry this post is going up so late. I was honestly dreading it a bit. I hate doing wrap ups for some reason. But I like having them done.

Comment with what books you all finished in the month of September or your favorite read if you read more than one!

Don’t forget that I will be leaving links to purchase these books through BookShop and my local bookstore Golden Bee Bookshop.

Let’s get right into this because this is going to be a decently long post.



Books Read: 6
Physical Novels: 0
Audiobooks: 2
eBooks: 2
Manga: 2
ARCs: 3

Total Pages: 2,041
Audiobook Pages: 1,071

Young Adult: 3
Adult: 3

Contemporary/Romance: 4
Fantasy: 1
Thriller: 1

Setting in United States: 2
Setting in Japan: 2
Setting Elsewhere: 1
Fantasy Setting: 1

Start of a Series: 1
Part of a Series: 3
End of a Series: 1
Standalone: 1

Counted for Yearly Challenge: 4 (This is not counting my “read 100 books this year” goal
Was on my September TBR: 5
Was on my Physical TBR: 2

Not Your Idol Vol 2 by Aoi Makino (Read 86/100)

*I got this manga from VizMedia for my honest review. Click on the photo to read my review on Instagram*

Not Your Idol is a manga series that follows a girl who decides to go into hiding after she’s assaulted by someone at an event for the girl group she was a part of.

This manga is one that is going to be a tough one for most people to read. It handles a lot dark topics like assault against women. So be careful going into this manga if you decide to as there are trigger warnings for assault, sexual assault, trauma, and pedophelia.

I really enjoyed this manga, though. Well, as close to “enjoy” as I can taking in the subject matter. This volume really delved into how young girls are treated based on how they look or act and for just being a girl to begin with.

If you’re able to read this type of subject matter, I recommend you check out this manga. It’s scary what girls have to deal with on a daily basis. This manga definitely shows it.


Publisher: VizMedia (English Translation)
Pub Year: 2020 (English Translation)
Format Read: eBook/eARC/manga
Page Count: 168
Age Range: YA, but on the older side of YA based on character age and subject of the manga
Genre: Contemporary, Hard-Hitting Contemporary
Setting: Japan
Series: 2nd Volume in Not Your Idol series
Yearly Challenges: Linz the Bookworm 2020 Reading Challenge (Read a book with an occupation in the title)

Supernova by Marissa Meyer (Read 87/100)

Supernova is the final book in the Renegades series, which takes place in a world where people have superpowers. The main character, Nova, is on the side of the bad guys, but goes undercover as one of the good guys to try to overthrow them.

Triggers for self-harm, torture, and violence.

I really really loved this series. I’m sad it’s over, but I’m glad I got the chance to read it. These books really dive into the differences and similarities between heroes and villains, but also the fact that those lines may not be as clear as we think.

My biggest issue with this book specifically was the fact it was only one book. There seemed to be a lot that was just glossed over that I would have liked to have gone more in depth with. There were certain scenes that seemed like they could have gone somewhere, but then they didn’t. So I would have really liked for this book to be broken up into two books and expanded upon. Some things just didn’t make too much sense when they happened. Believable, but also not. If that makes sense.


Publisher: Fiewel & Friends
Pub Year: 2019
Format Read: Audiobook
Page Count: 552
Age Range: YA
Genre: Fantasy
Setting: Fantasy
Series: Renegades, Book 3
Yearly Challenges: Start & Finish 5 series; Linz the Bookworm 2020 Reading Challenge (Read a trilogy)

Dengeki Daisy Vol 1 by Kyousuke Motomi

This is a reread for me, but I enjoyed it just as much this time as I did the first time… And the second time… And, well, you get it.

This manga is one that’s not going to be for everyone. There are a lot of relationships between adults and high schoolers and I know that’s something that will turn a lot of people off to the series, so I wanted to mention it before I even got into what it is about.

This manga series is about Teru, a year after her brother passes away. The only thing her brother left behind for her was a contact to someone called “DAISY” who has been there for Teru as she deals with the death of her only family. At school, she ends up accidentally breaking a window and to pay it back, she ends up working for the custodian at the school.

Now, I will say that this series isn’t perfect. There are some things and feelings that just don’t make sense. But overall I love this series and I LOVE the look into hacking, though I can’t speak on how accurately portrayed it is.


Publisher: VizMedia (English Translation)
Pub Year: 2010 (English Translation)
Format Read: Paperback Manga
Page Count: 202
Age Range: YA
Genre: Contemporary
Setting: Japan
Series: Dengeki Daisy Volume 1
Yearly Challenges: Linz the Bookworm 2020 Reading Challenge (Reread a book you’ve recommended)


Always a Bridesmaid by Cindi Madsen

*I got this book from Entangled Publishing for my honest review. I will link my review here.*

This romance follows Violet, who loves weddings and love. She’s a romantic at heart until she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Fast forward to his wedding day and Violet has gone to stay with her sister and help out around the bakery her sister owns.

After an unfortunate mistake, Violet ends up starting a fire in the bakery and in comes Ford, the sexy firefighter who happens to be training adorable puppies. But that’s not all he’s doing. He’s also the man of honor in his friend’s wedding. Violet has been a bridesmaid seven times, so Ford ends up getting her help to fulfill his bridesdude duties.

Cindi Madsen is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine. I have read 3 of this author’s books and I’ve loved them all so far. Especially with Just One of the Groomsmen and Always a Bridesmaid, these characters are hilarious together and are made for each other in such an organic way. They felt real and I loved this book. I recommend this author in general, but definitely this series.


Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Pub Year: 2020
Format Read: eBook/eARC
Page Count: 400
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Romance
Setting: Alabama, United States
Series: Getting Hitched in Dixie, Book 2
Yearly Challenges: N/A

Wrong Bed, Right Brother by Rebecca Brooks

*I got this book from Entangled Publishing for my honest review. You can check out my review by clicking here.*

This romance is about a woman who has been crushing on her coworker for months. She finally decided to make a move at a overnight getaway that she went on with him, his twin, and a couple coworkers. She planned to crawl into his bed in the middle of the night, which she does. What she didn’t plan for was the fact that he switched bedrooms with his twin. Despite the fact that neither of them like each other, they can’t deny the flames between them.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was a super quick read and, while it could have benefited from being a bit longer, it was a decent length. I didn’t feel like it was too short or missing anything really. I think the author did a good job with the page count. It was a bit insta-lovey despite the fact they knew each other and didn’t like each other before this, but it was also explained why things moved pretty quickly in that sense.


Publisher: Entangled
Pub Year: 2020
Format Read: eBook/eARC
Page Count: 200
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Romance
Setting: New York City, United States
Series: Accidental Love, Book 4
Yearly Challenges: N/A

The Chestnut Man by SΓΈren Sveistrup

The Chestnut Man is a book that certainly intimidated me greatly. Not only is the book giant, it’s also a detective lead mystery/thriller, which I don’t tend to enjoy. But this one followed a serial killer that is leaving behind chestnut dolls.

This one fell very flat for me. I guessed the “twist” kind of. I didn’t guess the technicalities of it, but generally I knew what was going to happen. I don’t know what it is about detective lead thrillers, though. I just don’t enjoy them very much. It takes a lot for me to enjoy one. And this one just didn’t have that for me.


Publisher: Harper (English Translation)
Pub Year: 2019 (English Translation)
Format Read: Audiobook
Page Count: 519
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Setting: Denmark
Series: N/A
Yearly Challenges: 20 Books for 2020

And that’s going to be it for me! I hope you all enjoyed this post. I’m sorry that it went up so late! Tomorrow’s will hopefully be on time.

Thanks so much for joining me. I hope to see you all soon!

3 thoughts on “September Wrap Up | 2020”

  1. Nice wrap-up, I’m glad you are enjoying your reading at the moment. The Chestnut Man is on my TBR, sorry you didn’t enjoy it a huge amount. Have a great October!


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