Business Inquires

If you would like to contact me directly for anything that isn’t business related, feel free to message me on Instagram. But if you’re looking for me to do a sponsored post, review your book or product, or any other business inquiries, email me at:

What am I looking for?

For products, I am open to almost anything. Just send me an email and I’ll look into the product and let you know. If it’s book related, that’s better, but I’m open to almost anything.

For books, right now I’m accept mostly physical review copies. I have a focus on romance, young adult contemporary or fantasy, and thrillers. Anything else I wouldn’t feel comfortable reviewing because it’s not part of my main genres that I read. If you would like to take a chance to see if it’s something I would like, feel free to still email me.

For eBooks, I am only accepting romances. It’s the main genre I read and the only genre I read in eBook form. When it comes to romance, I would prefer them to be more tame. If there’s a lot of smut, I tend to lean away from it. That’s not to say I would automatically not like the book, but it’s not something I normally reach for and it doesn’t usually get that high of a rating from me. I also don’t read historical romances, BDSM, or mysteries.

Thank you so much for wanting to work with me and I look forward to talking to you!