Romance Movies I’d Like to See | Coffee Over Books

Good morning everyone! I’ve been up since 3 this morning and I’m sure I’m going to get tired really quickly today, but I’m definitely going to be utilizing this list to keep me awake.

I really wanted to talk about some romance movies I want to watch so let’s do that!

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Anticipated March Releases | Coffee Over Books

Good morning everyone! I meant to get this post up yesterday, but here we are, posting it today. I will also be posting my February Wrap Up today, so make sure you all come back later for that. I don’t know exactly when I’ll have that up, but I will try to get it up around 5pm EST.

But I will be discussing books, movies, and kpop comebacks that will be happening in March! Normally I talk about Korean dramas, manga, and anime as well, but there weren’t any that I knew I absolutely HAD to read or watch, so I didn’t include them this time.

So, let’s just get into this!

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January 2020 Anticipated Releases

Good morning everyone! Time to talk about stuff happening next year. That’s right. We’re discussing releases during January that I’m excited for. The first releases into the new year, new decade! Im going to be discussing books, Korean dramas, anime, manga, movies, tv shows, and anything else I’d be interested in. All of these may not be included in this month’s post, though. It just depends on whether I’m interested in anything coming out. That being said, make sure you stick around to the end for the books that I’m going to be preordering and stuff I actually plan on … Continue reading January 2020 Anticipated Releases