April Wrap Up | OWLs & 30 Books in 30 Days

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re doing well. Today I’m going to be talking about the 30, yes 30, books I read in April.

So let’s just get straight into this.

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March Wrap Up | 2020

Hello everyone. It’s currently 10pm and I’m just now writing this. I wanted to get it up yesterday, but here we are!

I know I feel like all I’m doing is apologizing and making excuses. I’m trying to get better. On the plus side, if you didn’t see. I posted a video on my YouTube! If you click on “continue reading” below, you will be able to watch it and see the rest of this post!

Let’s get right into it!

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Weekly Wrap Up and TBR | Week 9 & 10 Feb 25-Mar 1

Good morning everyone! It’s time to wrap up my reading for the week and the books I plan on reading for next week!

I’m also going to mention the music I’ve been listening to and the shows I’ve been watching. And last but not least, the Webtoon I’m currently reading. Because I read so many during the week, I’m not going to mention the ones I read during that time, just the one I’m reading when posting this.

So, let’s get into it.

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February Wrap Up | Readathin

Good evening everyone. I told you I’d be getting this post up today! I’m just really glad I was able to. I told myself that I couldn’t start reading my first March read until I wrote this post. So I’m doing it now!

I ended up reading 7 books, one more than last time. Since I did reviews for all of these on my Instagram, I will link to all of them for you all to check out. I won’t get into what I thought about these books here besides my ratings. For further thoughts, check out those reviews.

I hope you all enjoy!

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Week 8 Wrap Up (Feb 17-23) & Week 9 TBR

Good evening everyone! Let’s take a good look into my reading for week 8. I didn’t do great this week, but here’s to hoping for better for next week!

Make sure to comment with what books you read last week and what you plan on reading this week!

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Jan-Feb Book Box Wrap Up and Mar-Apr Unboxing

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re doing swell. It’s time to wrap up the books that I unboxed from my book boxes from January to February. Just know, this this not what you think.

Most of these books did not come from a book subscription box. They are books that I put inside subscription boxes that were just sitting around my house because I never got rid of them.

So, we’ll go over the books I got for Jan-Feb then go over the one’s I unboxed for Mar-Apr!

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Week 7 Wrap Up & Week 8 TBR

Good afternoon everyone! I hope the weekend treated you well. I swear. One of these weekends I’ll actually be able to keep up with blogging. I just planned all of the posts for the rest of the month and one day you’ll be getting two because of my OwlCrate unboxing.

But for now, let’s talk about how my reading for last week went and what my plans are for this week. I’m going by what the internet tells me and saying this is week 8 and it started today. So this will be what I read from Monday the 10th through until yesterday the 16th.

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Stacked by Season Wrap Up

Good evening everyone. I haven’t been around in a bit. I’m sorry! I’ve been busy doing the reading thing! I know! It’s shocking.

If you don’t know what Stacked by Season is, it’s a readathon that I co-host with the amazing Melissa at TheWrittenAdventure. The goal is to read for 24 hours over the course of 4 days. Fine and dandy, right? Easy peasy.

Nope! I haven’t hit the 24 in the several months that we’ve been hosting this. We do it every month over the course of a weekend (Thursday to Sunday). I’m really excited for when I’m out of school because Thursdays and Sundays are usually homework days for me.

The next one will be in March, so make sure you all are following the Instagram so you can stay up to date for when the next one is!

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January 2020 Reading Stats | Wrap Up

Good morning everyone! It’s time to discuss my reading stats for January! I’m going to be discussing my stats in this blog post and that books that I read. If you want my full thoughts, make sure you head over to my YouTube and watch my wrap up video. I’ll be discussing my thoughts on these books there. So let’s get into the stats. I read 6 books during January, adding up to 1,434 pages. I ended up getting 24 books in January, but a lot of that was from a BookOutlet order I placed in December. Out of the … Continue reading January 2020 Reading Stats | Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up | Jan 6-12

Good evening everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Let’s wrap up how my week went. So, I had big plans this week but I didn’t end up doing too much of anything. I was in bed sick most of the weekend so I did even less. As of writing this post, I have to just respond to my discussions in both my classes. I ended up calling in sick to work tonight because I didn’t have the energy to go and I felt like throwing up instead. I ended up finishing A Valentine Proposal by Viv Royce … Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up | Jan 6-12